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All we need is WOW

The Langara Digital Media Marketing Club's goal is to introduce digital marketing to students in a professional way by presenting different career perspectives, promoting collaboration, and offering relevant learning opportunities, such as workshops, seminars and industry meetings.
We believe that sharing is something that should be more than a social media practice.



In the seminars we invite professionals to talk about a relevant subject in the digital marketing industry. We host this event every semester.


We promote collaborative digital marketing training on topics such as social media strategy, online ads campaign, email marketing campaign, entrepreneurship, and much more.


What if you could meet a company where you'd like to work in even before applying for a position? This might become true if you join us in our guided visits to Vancouver based companies.


DMM believes that volunteering is an amazing opportunity to connect, learn and make our community better. If you are looking for volunteers, please contact us. We will love to help you out!

Latest News

Inbound Marketing Strategy: how it works

  In times like these, in which people can decide what to watch and when they want to watch, the customer has more control about media schedule and interruptions to promote something among it maybe don’t work anymore. To adapt to this new demand, marketing needs to change its focus, and this is where...

5 tips to improve your website’s position on Google

Google is the gateway to most Internet sites. In addition to being first in popularity in the world, it’s becoming more and more able to direct audience to the content they are looking for. Because of this, it is quite advantageous for your company’s website to improve its position on Google. The higher this post, the...

Time to connect and speed your career

Nabs West Speed Mentoring in partnership with Langara College and BCIT promoted on October 22nd, 2018 a great opportunity for students to connect with some Vancouver’s top marketing, media, and broadcast professionals in the industry. In a very engaged and supportive environment, students could ask questions and gain valuable wisdom and advice from four...