Graphic Design at DMM Club

Graphic design plays a very important role to convey a message with a dash of innovation. The process of graphic designing involves combining technological, aesthetics and creative thinking to generate graphically communicative ideas.

Graphic Design – first attempts

For the DMM Club, initially, Guilherme Drusina uses the website layout as a guide for a poster, and typography similar to Langara’s. The orange is an stimulating colour, optimistic and friendly. The dark gray texts and the darkened image bring professionalism to the composition.

First DMM Club poster based on the website design

But at Langara’s campus, practically all communication is in the official orange, making it difficult to stand out when using the same colours.

For the next design, Guilherme chooses a more colourful approach, applying green, gold and blue in an elegant solution. He also introduces the triangle, used to drive the look to the next information.

DMM Club flyers in a more elegant graphic design

Changing Designers

In the end of 2017, Gisella Prado substitutes Guilherme as DMM designer, once Guilherme was finishing his PDD.

New designer, new learnings. In her first attempt, Gisella returns to the original colours, orange and dark gray, but evolving the triangle to a stylized arrow. She also introduces a new typography, the DIN Pro family, with its modern and striking design.

DMM Club graphic materials in orange and dark grey

Again, the same problem: by themselves, the posters and flyers catch the attention, but among other communication at Langara campus, their impact is lost. Only at social media the orange stands out.

For the next flyers and posts, Gisella adds blue, once practically all associations with blue are positive. Blue is also a colour related to trustworthiness.

DMM Club | Blue introduced as a new graphic design element

This new colour is an improvement, but still the DMM members feel that communication needs to stand out even more.

Gisella decides to dare, bringing light green and purple, secondary colours, complementary to the orange, in line with the tagline “All we need is WOW”.

DMM Club | Secondary colours used in new graphic design standards

Now it looks that the DMM graphic design is going in right direction. The green brings life and energy, and purple commands extravagance and some wonder. The new posters and postcards seem to be highlighted by the surrounding orange. Also the use of more empty space gives each element area to breath. The whole design looks more joyful, light and clean.

DMM Club | Secondary colours used in new graphic design standards

The fundraising event, with the sale of popsicle, continues with the three secondary colours (green, orange and purple) in its graphic design, with the addition of summer elements: pineapples, flowers and a flamingo. The flamingo’s shocking pink is fun, vibrant and upbeat, a good association with warmer temperatures and fruity popsicles.


by Gisella Prado

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