Logo & Visual Identity

The logo is a visual cornerstone of an entity’s brand. The company’s identity is visually expressed through its logotype, which, along with the name, is one of the main things that makes a business memorable.

With this in mind, Guilherme Selles, DMM Langara founder, started the logo development. The first thing that comes to mind for “digital marketing” is the Internet as its primary media, then connectivity and quick spread of information. The shape of waves is usually a connection, an association that can also easily be related to wi-fi. The initial sketch was done in the interval of a Statistic class, in a ruled notebook. Ideas began to be modeled.

DMM logo's first sketch
DMM logo’s sketch, based on wi-fi wave shapes

Logo Evolution

Guilherme saw in the draw a similarity to the North Face’s half dome, a design suggesting better stability and balance. The DMM logotype evolved to its second version:

DMM Langara logo: second version

Now was time think in the typography: initially Guilherme though in a bold font, easy to read, supported by Langara brand. But the logo became too heavy, unbalanced. The font became thinner, with the decision of giving more emphasis and space to Langara:

DMM Langara logo: third version

Still not satisfied, Guilherme continued the search for other typography options and relied on the help of Sabrina Silveira, then a Design student at Langara, who chose the typeface Moon: a simple, rounded-shape, typeface, specially developed for digital use.

At this moment, Langara’s Marketing Department informed that using the Langara’s brand was not allowed in the DMM logo or website. So “Langara” was substituted for “club”. The orange is kept as reference to the college’s official colour, as the final period after “club”.


DMM Langara logo: final version
DMM logo, the final version

Sabrina was also responsible for the first version of this website, defining its initial visual identity. It will influence the first attempts at graphic design compositions.

by Gisella Prado
with information provided by Guilherme Selles

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