A picture is worth a thousand words


A picture is worth a thousand words is like a super famous quote from 1911. I remember seeing this expression during my entire life, especially in TV commercials. And, OMG, this is so true, so real.

How amazing is having a picture to remember that moment… that special occasion?

Photography has always been something special in my life, especially in my childhood. Being the older sister of three kids – me, Roberta and Lucas – I am happy to be the only one with tons of photo albums, with nice and weird pictures since my very first day in this life.

My parents used to organize the photos from myself into personalized folders, with labels, dates, and event descriptions. My parents had printed photos from brothers also, but it’s not too organized as mine, not with this precision.

Another interesting fact that is memorable for me is: Every time we had a special guest in my parents’ house, we took a moment to travel through those printed memories. We have put together many wonderful moments, always with great stories and lots of love.

This is me – From one of those tons of photo albums – 1985


Probably this is the reason I always was a huge fan of photographers. And then I become one. 


I clearly remember my first day at that nice photography school. Academia Brasileira de Artes is a famous and very well recognized school in Brazil. The name of my professor? Beth Barone! A fantastic person whom I had the priceless opportunity to work with during that intensive course. Beth Barone has tons of experience as a professional photographer and nowadays – almost 8 years after my certification – she had many important exhibitions and in addition, she wrote a book. I love her.

I learned a lot from that course. I learned all that important techniques for the best shoot and also I learned how we can be the best even when you don’t have (or when you think you don’t have) the best camera.

I think I almost died of shame carrying my super simple ‘Cyber-shot’ – a popular camera from Sony. I truly believed I couldn’t finish that course with that cute – however with few limitations – equipment. But I did.

Nidia A. O. Panizza – Selfie – Somewhere in Brazil, 2010


Actually, Beth got surprised with the results of my first outdoor photo shooting:

Nidia A. O. Panizza – Santana Parnaíba, São Paulo – Brazil, 2010


I was so glad! Seemed I applied the rule of thirds as a professional 🙂

Was in New York City, December 2010, when I was pretty sure about it: photography is one of my passions.

My beautiful and helpful Cyber-shot was in Brazil – saved in a special box. And…, in possession with my new camera – a Canon T2i – two lenses and few accessories, I traveled around NYC.

With ANY professional experience and an unfamiliar new camera, I did – until that moment, the best clicks of my life, yay!

Nidia A. O. Panizza – Central Park, NYC 2010


I gathered ten photos of the trip (ten of thousands) to present to the school as the official and final portfolio. Such a difficult job… I was in love with all of my pictures.

I got an A+ (yeah!). On that time I didn’ even know about Photoshop or something, the pictures were like this… with any special treatment and (OMG), for my surprise, one of my pictures was exhibited in the Academia Brasileira de Artes one year after my course has finished! Again, I can remember when I read that email from Beth.

“Your photo was chosen!”- such a privilege.

This is the chosen SHOOT – from the Statue of Liberty, looking to Manhattan:

Nidia A. O. Panizza – Statue of Liberty, NYC, 2010


Unforgettable moment : )))

Missing those days in New York. And yes, I do still have my lovely Canon and – I confess – don’t know exactly where is my Cyber-shot!

It was (relatively) recently… that I began to fall in love with mobile photography. Well, there is no a good reason for that. Maybe, for convenience. Or better, for curiosity. As a creative person, I was completely passionate about the idea to have a “camera” in my pocket and better, with a high-quality definition – better – than my Canon. And one day, I made the shift for mobile photography.

I had to learn several extra features, understand from the scratch how to take the BEST shot with a simple smartphone. And again, I did it.

During the last three years, I become an addicted to new apps. And then, I discovered I love a hard contrast and a kind of brightness 🙂

Pictures I took using my iPhone 7:

Nidia A. O Panizza – Langara College – Vancouver, BC 2018
Nidia A. O Panizza – Buntzen Lake, BC 2017


Nidia A. O. Panizza – Lions Gate (My bridge) – Vancouver, BC 2018


Time runs and it is two thousand eighteen, OMG(!!!), so many years later and I am here, in Vancouver, working on the presentation for my first Mobile Photography Workshop (thanks for the Digital Media Marketing Club that gave me this incredible possibility) and lots of things came up in my mind and in my heart. Looking for the best examples to show for my colleagues I traveled back to my old pictures, such important moments. I think I am getting emotional : )

Have a chance to share these feelings and this knowledge with others, is priceless and I am full of gratitude and love.

And yes, just more one thing:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” By believing you can, you’re halfway there.

If photography is something that means to you as means to me, feel free to share your click with me! I’d love to see it.

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