DMM Langara opens the doors for digital marketing careers

In its second year of activities, the club invests on hands-on opportunities and fosters student collaboration to multiply resources and make sharing a real-life practice

The Langara Digital Media Marketing Club (DMM Langara) is an academic organization created to help students develop their careers as successful digital marketers. Through the promotion of seminars, workshops, guided company visits and network meetings, the club presents different career opportunities in the industry as well as the necessary tools to help students achieve their objectives.

It’s all about collaboration

To help concentrate efforts and multiply results, DMM focuses on building student collaboration and creating a strong network of fundamental skills. The goal is to transform the act of sharing into a real life happening. Using these connections, the club makes available to members the best practices in digital marketing, while providing extra support to get digital certifications.

It’s also about content and learning

Content development, SEO, graphic design, blogging, social media, e-commerce, among others, are constant topics in the group’s everyday talks. Participants can conquer hands-on opportunities with the use of the club’s own digital channels. Currently, we are present in three social platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter –  where we can develop and share content, build specific analytics and grow in experience.


The Digital Media Marketing Club is supported by Langara’s Marketing Department and sponsored by Stephanie Koonar.

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DMM Values

  • Cooperation: We believe that sharing is more than a social media practice, therefore we foster student collaboration.
  • Proactivity: We encourage ourselves and the ones around us to take action towards their goals and build a life of achievements and happiness.
  • Learning: We believe learning is an ongoing fundamental process that allows people to evolve personally and professionally.
  • Integrity: We act with honesty and respect for moral and ethical principles.

About the author: Flavia Marcondes

Flavia is a communications specialist with ten years of experience in public relations and storytelling. She's got a Bachelor's degree Journalism and started a new career chapter focused on Digital Marketing and online branding. She enjoys being with friends, laughing, hiking and exploring the world.

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