Social Media Experts talk about tools, trends and how to improve your Social Strategy

Langara students and DMM Club members in the Social Media panel promoted by BrainStation

Digital Marketing is becoming a mainstream in all business strategy, even the smallest ones. More than 2 billion people and many businesses, small or really well established in the market, have a Social Media presence.

This massive presence in social media is changing the way how companies are communicating with their communities, and develop a well-planned strategy to your Social Media is crucial nowadays.

In this context, the BrainStation Vancouver hosted on November 15th a great panel discussion with experts of the industry to talk about tools, trends, and how to improve Social Strategy.

In case you missed this great conversation, the DMM Club brings for you the main topics to be aware to improve your presence in Social Media.


Listen to your customers and communities

Charlie Grinnell, CEO from RightMetric; Taylor Loren, Head of Marketing from;  Joel Hansen, Business Development Manager from Skidmore Group, and Linkedin Campus Editor; and Alicia Taggio, Customer Marketing Manager from Hootsuite lead a great discussion with an enthusiastic audience.

All panelists were unanimous about how to improve your results and create a great strategy for your social media.

The key point is to pay attention and listen to your audience. It is essential to know your audience, respect their ideas and feelings regarding your business, and interact with them about your product or brand.

More than never, companies are working with brands advocates. Who are they? Regular customers who voluntarily shared their experiences with brands. They are the best people to follow and get opinions, reviews and, feedbacks about a specific product.


Frequency and quality

All speakers also gave great tips and hints to improve your presence and result in Social Media. One of them is the quality of your content.

It is important to spend some time and think in your business goals, your objectives, how are you on some platform, who is your audience, where are your communities.

Ask for what and why, after that, you have to figure out your how, this means, where you will be present in the social media world with an elaborated strategy.

Following, spend some time by creating your content. Think about how you can grab your audience attention, what worth the heart, thumbs up and shares from your audience.

Post amazing pictures, write good captions and develop interesting contents to deserve your audience interaction.

Moreover, don’t forget about the frequency. Keep a presence in your social media for 2-3 times during the week. You need to be relevant to your digital community. However, always remember of your main goals to write relevant content.


Track your strategy and measure your results

All set and strategic thought and executed, you still need to work on it. Don’t forget to track your work and measure your results. It is through these reports that you can verify if all your work is worth the effort and first and foremost if you are achieving your goals, getting the expected results.

And if you need to adjust your strategy, don’t feel bad and don’t give up! Learn from all your audience behaviour so you can improve even more your strategy for the future and grow.

Do you want to learn more? Here you can find all the amazing companies from all the experts presented in the discussion panel.



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