Social Media Manager: how to become a successful one

The Social Media field is one of the most desired within digital marketing and requires skills that some years ago were not asked on a job interview.

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Langara was delighted to receive Matt Astifan, a 10 year veteran in the social media industry. He shared important secrets to help you land your next big paycheck and launch your social media career.

Matt is an internet marketing consultant for event, media and tech brands. He is currently working on the global expansion of Internet Masterminds

Among all the knowledges shared with the audience, DMM highlighted the main topics for you:

Optimize your social medias

In times like these that people share a lot about their personal life in social media, it’s easier to know someone even not knowing him or her. Makes sense?

Yes, because our social medias are an extension of our resume. They show how we are in personal life and that says a lot about our behaviour, something very important for anyone who wants to hire you.

But sometimes we have some old pictures or videos that we not even remember that exist, but a recruiter may find them. So, how can we scan our social media activities to decide what should or not be shown to the general public?

The website Stalkscan can help you with your Facebook activities, to see pictures, videos, and posts that you were tagged in, for example. Moreover, you can search by your name on Google to find what else you find by yourself on Youtube, Twitter, Blog, and websites.

Create your own platform

The best way to control what information about you will be on the internet is to create your own platform; a website or a blog. Regardless of the data that you cannot control, having your platform helps you to rank exactly what people should find about you.

And how do you do that? Simple. Start creating content about your field of interest and show some authority. You can also embed your Youtube videos, Podcasts, and create your portfolio. All these information can be gathered at the same place, then you flood any recruiter of information about you.

The tip here is to use WordPress or Medium, because both are very friendly to help you to publish your content on the web. Another important point is to use a domain with your name, like

3 skills to be hired as social media


You don’t have to be a master of Photoshop, Illustrator or whatever. You have to understand the concepts of design. Of course, if you dominate graphic tools, good for you, but in huge companies, in general, you have someone to do that for you, that’s why you must be good on the design concepts, to discern what is good from what is not.

Video and/or audio

It’s the same case above. Editing video is a hard skill and takes a long time. That’s not a Social Media function. Focus on understanding scripts and having great ideas for videos or podcasts, then you need someone to execute for you.


This is one of the most important skill for a Social Media, because you have to create materials that are really relevant, with quality and that be engaging.

* You don’t have to be an expert in all of them, but must be very good in at least one. Focus on the one you like the most and go improving the others.

Avoid 99% of the job opportunities

You didn’t read wrong.

If you want a good position as Social Media, you should focus your efforts on well-known brands. And these are 1% of the job opportunities.

To work on a company that is not relevant, will not help you on the next job, even if you are getting a good experience.

You can make a list with 20 or 50 companies that are really interesting, and do your best to reach them. You can offer your contents to these companies, for example, if you have a nice podcast or blog. Use everything you produced to your advantage.

Another option is to find a place where you can have a specific mentorship opportunity, even that is for free. Work with a great authority for free is times better than work in an unknown company with a fair paycheck. Do not just think about the present. The results you will see in a middle term will worth all the effort spent.

Following these steps, you will see how the reversal role works. You don’t need a resume anymore, do all the previous tips and the companies will reach out to you.

Finally, Matt talked a little bit more about his work and his projects on the web.

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