Entrepreneurship Myth-busters: How to create the career of your dreams!

An event designed for you, who wants to create a career of your dreams.

Most successful people have not taken a linear path and we have to consider the unique challenges in the workforce.

  • What do you like?
  • What are you good at?
  • What is your purpose in this world?

Well, maybe this amount of question will not help you a lot.

We are on the same path, trying to understand how to put everything we love in just one package!

Let’s help each other?

In this event, Jehanne Burns shared her perspective about career, entrepreneurship, love, and dreams, to help you to find your path to the success.


Jehanne Burns
Jehanne Burns
Jehanne Burns
Jehanne Burns

Entrepreneurship Myth-busters

Entrepreneurship Myth-busters


The guest speaker:

Jehanne Burns is a business coach and strategist. She is the Organizational Behaviours’ professor in Langara College and Founder of Pocket Ninja Strategies, a successful company in Vancouver focused in business strategy. She is that kind of #GIRLBOSS that inspires us to be better in everything we do!  After a long journey, she is ready to share with us incredible information and insights which will help us to find the best way to find our own career dream.

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