Langara School of Management 10th Anniversary

The Langara School of Management (LSM) celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first graduating class of the Bachelor of Business Administration program with an event on May 26, 2018. The event honoured the program, its graduates, and the rich history of business education at Langara.

Since 2008, almost 900 students have graduated from the program. As a leading undergraduate business school, Langara School of Management delivers real-world-based and academically rigorous business education.

DMM Club’s members were present enjoying the opportunity to network with alumni and instructors.

DMM Team: Giulia Sa Barreto, Trinh Biu, Gisella Prado, Beatriz Salvucci, Bruno Bonamigo and Tatiane Procopio
Langara School of Management 10th Anniversary
Proud Members
Giulia Sa Barreto, Anne DeWolfe (Chair, Marketing Management Department), Gisella Prado, Stephanie Koonar (DMM sponsor), Bruno Bonamigo and Beatriz Salvucci

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