Scoring the game and building practice: the Whitecaps Experience Part III

The third and last chapter of the Langara-Whitecaps saga brings the main lessons learnt and the final results of the competition, leaving us the sensation that we just can’t get enough

Since we lived the Whitecaps project daily for over one month, the whole game day experience was certainly more engaging for us than for the ones around us.

Between the lectures and the activities to put into practice what we had learned, everyday was a new discovery. By the way, thank you Ray Khan, Rhyse Harnden, Gavin Randhawa, Paul Fruitman, Joshua Nanavaty and others.

One of the first things we heard from the Whitecaps executives was: No one likes to be sold. In other words: people do not want to be convinced, to be put in the weak side of a relationship and be pushed to do something by the influence of a salesperson. They shared their tricks to overcome initial resistance and we’ll make them available to you.

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Participants of the ‘Caps College Night 2017 gather on the field for a historical group shot

The most important points for a successful personal selling campaing are:

  1. Know your product (strenghts and weaknesses): you must be outstanding in explaining your offer, addressing its benefits, outweighing its weaknesses and answering questions.
  2. Believe in your product’s potential: it is hard to convey excitement when you are really just playing a role without being a real actor.
  3. Be yourself: add your personality to your sales pitch. This will build the connection with the buyer and help you develop a relationship.
  4. Provide customer service: Be available, helpful and smile. The better you treat your customer, the more he/she will remember you and be willing to do business with you.

Feel, felt and found

Having worked as a reporter and as a public relations executive, I was used to selling news. Nevertheless, from time to time I found myself not believing in my product, what indeed affected outcomes. The Feel, Felt, Found approach is a powerful tool that summarizes how to overcome objection in a sales environment. Some people apply this technique instinctively, but learning it step by step is a great way to build consistency and achieve higher results. So, here we go:

  • First, you must acknowledge how the other person is feeling.
  • Then you must make a connection with his/her situation by sharing with them a personal experience and how you felt about it.
  • Finally, you reveal the discoveries and benefits behind your experience and show them they will only achieve the same results if they get it a chance to try your offer – the found part.

Strategy and rewards

The ‘Caps College Night 2017 was a huge success. In total, competitors sold 561 tickets altogether and guaranteed access for the after game activities for one hundred people. Participants had the chance to step on the field, take pictures and join a crossbar challenge.

The ultimate winner of the 2017 competition was the UBC team, which sold an amazing number of 300 tickets for the home opener game. The Langara team sold 108 tickets. Way to go, guys!

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