VISION 2018 Conference

On May 10th, members of DMM Langara volunteered at Vision 2018 Conference, an immersive one-day event of thought-provoking speakers and workshops to challenge, inspire and push the limits of our thinking, promoted by BCAMA.

This great opportunity of networking, connecting and learning came through an invitation from Julia Sousa, Marketing Growth Manager at Attendease and member of BCAMA.

Rory Sutherland, TED Speaker
Julia Alvares, Julia Sousa, Rory Sutherland, Beatriz Salvucci and Trinh Bui
Julia Sousa and Gisella Prado
Trinh Bui, Ana Paula Gonsalves, Julia Sousa, Julia Alvares and Beatriz Salvucci
Gisella Prado, Trinh Bui, Beatriz Salvucci and Ana Paula Gonsalves

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