4 Lynda.com courses to get you started in digital marketing

We have selected free online courses that will help you learn the basic tools for online marketing and find that first internship you have been looking for.

GSuite, Hootsuite, SEO, WordPress, HTML, Company Pages, clickthrough rate, Remarketing, CSS, Adobe Suite, and it goes on forever. Who never felt discouraged when faced with a job description with so many different acronyms and tools? If you are not among us, please raise your hand and leave a message in this post to share your trick!

For everyone else, no need to fear. The Digital Media Marketing Club selected four beginners courses from Lynda.com to get you started. And they TOTALLY FREE for Langara students (Find out here how to access them)! So, make the best of your summer break and watch these online tutorials between your days off.
Digital marketing online courses

1. Online Marketing Foundations (Duration: 3h48)

Start with an overall understanding of how to market online. Learn how to build a successful online marketing campaign for all digital channels with this course, approved by the American Marketing Association (AMA). It will help you identify conversion goals, measure and interpret website analytics, get the most out of SEO, and connect with communities on social networks.

2. Google Adwords Essential Training (Duration: 3h04)

Remove Adwords from your must-learn list with this course, also supported by AMA. It will guide you through every step of this advertising tool! You will have the opportunity to set up a new account, research your keywords, understand quality score, build campaigns, and measure return on investment.

3. Google Analytics Essential Training (Duration: 3h50)

If there is one course that you cannot skip from this list, this is it. Google Analytics is the industry standard for tracking, analyzing, and reporting site data. Therefore, it is a frequent demand from employers. Learn to measure site traffic, SEO, engagement, ad revenue, and even activity on social media. This course also explains how to interpret your results, create and track goals, and use options like dimensions and segments to go deeper. Another one with the AMA stamp.

4. SEO Foundation (Duration: 1h47)

Besides learning marketing techniques, you need to learn how to work your way with search engines and get your message through the digital clutter. This course introduces today’s top SEO tools used for technical optimization, content optimization, offsite optimization, and competitive research. It covers must-haves such as Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Siteliner, the Screaming Frog SEO Spider desktop program, and more.

Once you get these done, start practicing! If you need help, get in touch with the club to learn opportunities on where to apply your new skills. 🙂

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Flavia is a communications specialist with ten years of experience in public relations and storytelling. She's got a Bachelor's degree Journalism and started a new career chapter focused on Digital Marketing and online branding. She enjoys being with friends, laughing, hiking and exploring the world.

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