DMM visits YP Offices and discovers a world of digital oppotunities

Club members were invited to visit the new company headquarters in Burnaby, chat with employees, and stay one step ahead towards their dream job in digital marketing.

What comes to your mind when you hear the name Yellow Pages? Most likely you remember of that old fashion super thick book with a directory of companies and businesses. A place your mother and grandmother would recur to whenever they needed to find a service provider in your neighbourhood or city. Did I get it right?

But this explanation is now an understatement. The Digital Media Marketing Club visited the company headquarters in Burnaby last Friday (March 31st) to learn better what the new YellowPages is about. We had the chance to take a tour in their facilities, chat with employees, and ask questions about how to develop our skills and land in a promising digital marketing opportunity.

YP printed directory

What is the new YP

Well, things have changed a lot since 1908, when the company launched its first directory. What before was a 100% analogic business has now transformed itself in a complex digital company, with activities that are 70% digital and only 30% paper based. Nowadays Yellow Pages is a Canadian digital and print media company.

Let’s say you have a business and you want to reach out to the world offering your services. You can certainly put your company on their listing, but besides the online directory, the company offers support to build responsive websites, develop a logo, create content, manage social media accounts, plan Google AdWords campaigns, apply SEO, and much more.

According to company’s executives, their mission in to be a one-stop shop for local businesses and, indeed, they do help small companies show their face on the web and on the streets. The rebranded YP even help promote local business by running a year-round marketing campaign called Shop The Neighbourhood. The goal is to encourage consumers to make their purchases at small local businesses, as they are known to play a huge role in the social and economic environment of Canadian communities.

Langara students chat with YP employees
Langara students chat with YP employees

What are the opportunities

Since YP started its transformation, it realized the need bring new people to the team. Last January they moved to a brand new office in Burnaby, where you can find plenty of empty desks waiting to be filled. Among the positions now hiring at the company are:

  • Social Media Campaign Manager
  • Social Media Campaign Coordinator
  • SEO Campaign Manager
  • SEO Campaing Coordinator
  • Copywriters
  • Muitmedia content agents
  • Web Builders
  • Website QA Clerks
  • Media Sales Consultant
  • Events coordinator
  • Sales and Aquisition
  • Among others

All these positions are full-time (40 hours), but the company is planning on opening summer jobs soon. So if you want to learn more about YP e their opportunities, follow their LinkedIn Page and sign up to DMM news and follow us on social media!

Did you like this post and want to participate in our next guided visit to YP and other companies in Vancouver companies. Let us know by leaving a comment in this post!

Langara students with the YP team
Group shot of Langara students and the YP team


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