Pinterest is for you!

If you are a marketer, a creative professional or someone who loves to see beautiful ideas or share your ideas, Pinterest is for you!

What is Pinterest?

That social media that everyone loves! A place where people discover new ideas, find inspiration and share beautiful images (or movies).

By creating as many boards for your pins as you want, you can separate your interests with a great organization. If you are like me and like photography for example, so you can create a board and label it “Vancouver Photography”. Or you can have a board with the best Brazilian recipes : )

Pinterest users interact with each other through liking, commenting, and “repining” each other’s pins. That’s what makes it such a nice social network.

According to HootSuite, “With 200 million monthly users, Pinterest may not be a social media behemoth like Facebook, but it’s an important social platform with deep penetration on valuable demographics.”


Pinterest should (or MUST) be as part of your business strategy!

  • See some nice and important information about Pinterest:


  • What kind of ideas can you try to find on Pinterest?

Well, you can try to find whatever you want and to give you an example let’s try something “out of the box”.

I have this thing with cactus : )))

So, I searched for ‘cactus love’ and an AMAZING magic happened:


Once I have the images from the search, I can choose all the pictures that I like and save (or PIN) each of them. I can create a board for this lovely little thing if I want.


Just for curiosity, I just clicked to the website linked in this image, which proves that the engagement is real : )


  • What about sharing your pins, your ideas?

You can definitely create your own Pinterest account to share with the world the images you like. Here an example a Pinterest I created with my sister to share messages about our company in Brazil:

With any effort, we have more than 1k monthly viewers.

But wait (!), you don’t have to “be a company” to create your account. You can have a Pinterest account as you do have an Instagram account. See the example below where I share my own creations on my personal board:


  • How can Pinterest be interesting if it is for personal purpose?

First, because this social media network is that source of inspiration. If you are a student and have a marketing presentation, Pinterest will give you tons of beautiful designs and different ideas.

If you intend to work in a social media industry you can build your portfolio using Pinterest (as you can do using Instagram or Facebook). Companies are looking for candidates with unique thoughts and sense of creativity… and Pinterest is such a nice place to put your images to talk for you.

Tell us! Are you using this social media network for yourself or for your business?

To find out more information about Pinterest, you can visit:


by Nidia A. O. Panizza
Social Media VP, DMM Langara Club

About the author: Digital Media Marketing

The Digital Media Marketing Club aims to introduce the Digital Marketing and all of its aspects to Langara students in a professional way, showing them different perspectives for careers by offering seminars, training, workshops, and meetings. We believe that sharing is something that should be more than a social media practice.

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