Dream Team

ana gonsalves

Ana believes in purpose and passion. Based on these principles, she successfully led procurement projects and teams for over ten years and is now leading the DMM Team. Bachelor in Business, with MBA in Project, Ana is in a PDD Business program at Langara. As an ‘Instagrammer,’ she shares her passions with the world: people, yoga, healthy cooking, and nature.

beatriz salvucci
Communications and Engagement VP

Beatriz has six years of experience teaching children and adults. She decided to venture herself in Marketing to develop new skills. She loves music, dancing, cooking, and nature. As a communication enthusiast, she currently studies in the PDD program of Marketing Management.

bruno bonamigo
Growth Hacker

Bruno has been working with Marketing for over 10 years, with experience in Digital Marketing, internal and external communication campaigns, events, promotional actions and other activities related to brand management. He currently owns a digital marketing agency in Brazil and is a student at the PDD in Business Management program.

gisella prado
Graphic Design VP

Gisella has a broad career in Marketing and Design: eight years as Product Manager in medium and large companies, and thirteen years ahead of her own Graphic Design and Marketing agency, focused on branding and digital marketing. She loves traveling, hiking, and having a good wine with friends.

giulia sa barreto
Public Relations and Events VP

Giulia is our Public Relations VP. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communications with focus in Advertising and is now attending her Post Degree in Marketing Management at Langara. Professionally, she has experience with corporate communications, digital marketing and coaching acquired when working for companies such as Lufthansa and Yahoo!

nidia panizza
Social Media VP

Nidia is a digital entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry. As co-founder of a 100% online marketing consultant company (, she has been working with her sister, attending other creatives entrepreneurs in Brazil. Passionate about dancing, photography and marketing, she is completely in love with her daughter, a 2,9 years old baby girl.

tatiane procopio
Social Media Specialist

She has a vast experience in helping organizations to develop and improve their internal and external corporative communication, dealing with a diverse public and the press. In order to keep evolving in the communication path, she got a post-degree in digital media production as well. Photos, movies, concerts, and trips take her hours talking with a really good cup of coffee.

Social Media Specialist

Trinh Bui has four years of experience working in research and development in Puma Group by handling Formula 1 shoe promotion orders, and background in customer service, tour operation, and hospitality in South East Asia. She is now pursuing her career in marketing management. She is keen on yoga and outdoor activities.

Senior Advisors


Guilherme is the founder of DMM Langara and a digital entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. As co-founder of an e-commerce company, he has been working with clients in many different segments. Passionate about communications, technology and design, he also loves travelling.

Former President

Flavia is a communications specialist with ten years of experience in public relations and storytelling. She’s got a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and started a new career chapter focused on Digital Marketing and online branding. She enjoys being with friends, laughing, hiking and exploring the world.

Former President

Julia has nine years of experience in devoloping products, projects and campaigns for retail customers at financial institutions. With a degree in Business Admnistration and post degree in Finance, she is now discovering the Marketing world and is fascinated with social media. She loves traveling, exercising and cinema.



Stephanie is a community connector that believes in the strength of teams and personal development. With experience collaborating with international teams from Dublin, Milan, Guadalajara, New York, London while working in a variety of sectors: telecommunications, wine & spirits, research and non-profit. As a post-secondary Marketing Instructor and a Certified Career Educator, she coaches people to find meaningful work and believes strongly in the power of mentorship, spearheading the Leaders of Tomorrow program. As a Certified People Acuity, Strengths Strategist Specialist, Stephanie coaches individuals and teams to unlock their potential to be their best. Teaching Excellence award winner.

Former Executives

Former Executive

Fulvia Carregan graduated in Business Management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and is now studying a Post Degree in Marketing Management. On her previous job, she had the opportunity to co-develop an app. She has a very curious mind and is now in love with Digital Marketing and its endless possibilities.

Former Executive

Guilherme Drusina is an experienced photographer, qualified graphic and web designer, entrepreneur and an eager learner. He has 3 years experience creating corporate identities as well as websites. In addition, running his own photography company for more than 5 years developed on him a passion for digital strategy.